The PLATO Simulated Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) from PLATO Learning is developed in partnership with Educational Testing Service (ETS) and includes a simulation of the actual reading, writing, and math exams.  One of the advantages of using the PLATO Simulated PPST is that it is a web-based system, which allows user access from anywhere there is internet connection and download capability.

The PLATO Simulated PPST is made up of three main components for each exam:

  1. Orientation and Pre-Test
  2. Practice Modules
  3. Post-Test

PLATO Simulated PPST gives students an experience closely related to the actual test and provides diagnostic placement for skill building in reading, writing, and math. The test system is a vital tool for colleges offering teacher preparation programs.


Each user is required to attend an orientation prior to receiving access to the PLATO Web Learning Network (PWLN). During the orientation, users are given the following:

  1. A brief description of the Benedict College Teacher Education Program
  2. Requirements for admission into the Teacher Education Program
  3. A summary of what Praxis I consists of and the required scores in each area
  4. PWLN user name and system information
  5. First PLATO Pre-Test (one test selected from reading, writing, or math)
  6. An understanding of how to read the score cards after completing a Pre-Test

All PLATO Orientations are held in the PLATO Lab located in Bacoats Hall - Room 311.  All students must attend an orientation prior to accessing the PLATO system.


The following links are for students who have attended an orientation and need technical support:

User Information Sheet
PLATO Log In Procedures
Installing Courseware Plug-ins On Your Personal Computer