All students who plan to pursue a Teacher Education program must meet all entry criteria specified below.  Applications for admission to teacher education should be filed in the Office of Teacher Education by March 1 or October 1.

Entry Criteria

  • Complete and submit an Entry Level Form
  • Complete and submit all Level II assessments
  • Complete required courses (ED 111, 112, 101, 211) with a "C" or better
  • Achieve a 2.75 GPA or better
  • Pass all Praxis CORE examination requirements (Reading, Writing and Mathematics)
  • Earn 45 semester hours of general education course work
  • Successfully complete the application process for admission to the teacher education program, including the interview and writing sample

Retention Criteria

  • Gain admission to the Teacher Education Program
  • Maintain a 2.75 GPA or greater
  • Maintain an acceptable record of personal-social behavior
  • Participate in appropriate activities (Testing programs, seminars, workshops conferences, SEA, etc.)
  • Successfully complete all Level II and Level III assessments
  • Gain admission to Student Teaching (complete and submit application, criminal background check, certification fee, writing sample, interview, etc.)

Exit Criteria

  • Maintain a 2.75 GPA or greater
  • Pass all Praxis II subject assessments and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) examinations for the respective academic major and teaching area required by the Benedict College Teacher Education Program
  • Successfully complete Student Teaching
  • Successfully complete all Level IV assessments
  • Successfully complete all College, Departmental, and BCTE program and/or graduation requirements

Transfer Students

Students who transfer from other programs or from other institutions and students who possess a baccalaureate degree and are interested in completing requirements for teacher education programs are subject to the same criteria and regulations as students who enter the program as freshmen. Such students should contact the Director of Teacher Education for information and a review of their eligibility for admission to teacher education.


Each academic department which offers a teaching program has faculty members who are designated as "teaching option advisors." These persons work closely with the Director of Teacher Education and have the following specific duties:

  • To advise all teacher education majors in the department
  • To assist the Director of Teacher Education with monitoring entry, retention, and exit procedures for teacher education students
  • To teach the methods course (s) in the department
  • To assist with observing, critiquing, and evaluating student teachers

Practicum Experiences

Teacher education students engage in practicum experiences as required components of designated courses. These experiences begin in the Freshman Year and extend through succeeding semesters. Each teacher education student must complete the required practicum experiences prior to student teaching.