Half-Century Club

Half-Century Club

bc_2011_building_morgan_hall_0730Benedict College has approximately 9,000 alumni residing in South Carolina and across the United States and in several foreign countries. More than 650 alumni are dues paying members of the Benedict College National Alumni Association. There are 55 alumni clubs, 41 of which are located in South Carolina. Outside of South Carolina, clubs are located in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

We have a total of 45 active alumni classes with a goal of 65 within the next 3 years. Most of our support from classes are derived from those in years of 1974 and older.

Alumni clubs and classes serve the college most directly through fundraising and recruiting activities. They are also ambassadors of the college, providing a vital link between the College and the communities in which they reside.

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