The following procedures have been developed to ensure selection and retention of qualified students in the program:

  1. Entering students must complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of Core Courses in General Education prior to graduation
  2. A contract in the major must be approve by the advisor, student and Sport Management program coordinator
  3. A core course major of a minimum of "66" credit hours is required to complete the sport management program
  4. Students must have a grade of "C" or better in the following Sport Management courses at the end of the sophomore year:
  • SM 110 Sport Management Seminar
  • SM 230 Introduction to Sport Management
  • BA 130 Introduction to Business
  1. Submit and receive approval signatures for the Student Contract for Declaration of the Academic Major/Minor, as well as follow additional college procedure
  2. Students must have a minimum cumulative academic average of 2.50 GPA within the major, with at least a "c" in each major course

*Required Satisfactory Progress Reviews toward graduation.

A required audit of student progress toward graduation is mandatory in the following courses:

SM 230 of the sophomore year
SM 331 of the junior year.
SM 433 in the senior year, prior to the internship.

These represent benchmarks toward graduation.