The Bachelor of Science degree in sport management allows students to pursue a broad core program in Marketing and Promotions, Management and Administration, Sport Communications and Sport Business. Courses in the core program are interdisciplinary with the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, the School of Business, and the Department of Communications. Sport Management prepares graduates for various entry-level positions, such as event facilities/arenas, intercollegiate athletics, sport organizations, sporting goods, broadcasting and promotion.


The Sport Management Program is designed to provide an educational experience that includes an effective blend of classroom, research and field experiences in an effort to provide each student the opportunity to gain disciplinary knowledge and to develop the necessary skills to be successful in any area of the sport industry.
Our mission is to graduate scholar-practitioners, and researchers, who have the knowledge, skills, and values to lead the sport industry in the 21st century and who envision sport as a vehicle for positive social outcomes.

Learning Goals

  • Expose students to the various careers and fields of Sports Management.
  • Encourage our students to actively pursue academic excellence.
  • Develop the academic and business knowledge and skills that will make our students competitive in seeking employment or establishing careers.
  • Guide students through a series of experiences designed to develop analytic, oral and written communication skills.
  • Expand upon our students’ ability to problem solve and develop ethical solutions when facing pluralistic modern-day challenges.
  • Utilize information technology, scientific literature and research skills to assimilate an emerging body of knowledge.
  • Integrate theory and practice through selected internships projects and field experiences.
  • Provide students with a foundation for graduate and professional certifications and career advancement.
First Semester SCH Second Semester SCH
Eng 135 Freshman Composition I 3 Eng 137 Freshman Composition II 3
Math 132 Gen College Math I 3 Math 34 Gen College Math II 3
Hist 131 World Civilization I 3 Hist 130 Ntro  to African Am. History 3
HR 111 Freshman Seminar I 1 Bio 140 Gen. Biology 4
Rel 120 Comparative Religion 2 HR 112 Freshman Seminar II 1
Ec 130 Introduction to Economics 3 *BA 130 Introduction to Business 3
*SM 110 Sport Management Seminar 1   Total 17
  Total 16      
First Semester SCH Second Semester SCH
Eng 231 World Literature I 3 Eng 232 World Literature II 3
Fr 233 French OR 3 HE 230 Health Education 3
Sp 233 Spanish Mus 220 Music Appreciation OR  
Mus 220 Music Appreciation OR   The 220 Theatre Appreciation OR 2
The 220 Theatre Appreciation OR 2 Art 220 Art Appreciation
Art 220 Art Appreciation HR 212 Sophomore Seminar II 1
*SM 230 Intro to Sport Management 3 Soc 230 Introduction to Sociology 3
HR 211 Sophomore Seminar I 1 PE Physical Education 2
Phys 141 Physical Science 4 *Rec 232 Recreation Program Planning 3
  Total 16   Total 17
First Semester SCH Second Semester SCH
*Mgt 330 Principles of Management 3 *Rec 332 Legal Aspects in Recreation 3
*Psy 230 Intro to Psychology 3 *Rec 330 & Leisure Svcs
*Rec 331 Leadership & Group Processes 3 Admin & Mgt of Recreation & 3
HR 311 in Recreation & Sport HR 312 Sport Areas & Facilities
Junior Seminar I 1 Junior Seminar II 1
*SM 331 The Roll of Sport in Society 3 *SM 336 Governance in Sport 3
*Fin 330 Principles of Finance 3 *Rec 310 Recreation & Sport 1
  Total 16 *HRec 332 Volunteer Svcs
      Research Methods in Leisure 3
        Svcs & Public Health
        Electives 2
SENIOR YEAR     Total 16
SCH Second Semester SCH
First Semester
*Rec 437 Organization & Management 3 HR 412 Senior Seminar II 1
HR 411 Senior Seminar I 1 *SM 440 Sport Mgt Internship 12
*SM 333 Sport Marketing & Promotions 3   Total 13
*HRec 431 research Statistics 3      
*SM 433 Ethics in Sport 3      
  Electives 4      
  Total 17      

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