What is Sport Management?

It refers to the business and organizational side of sport. It is management of the sport industry, in its many forms, by training in such areas as athletics administration, sports apparel, sports law, business ownership in sport, and others.


It is the mission of the sport management program to prepare students for entry-level positions in the business of sport, such as event facilities/arenas management, intercollegiate athletics management, sport organization management, sporting goods sales and management, broadcasting and sports promotions.


  1. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of sound business procedures and administrative problems related to sports
  2. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of rules and regulations, policies and procedures of various sports
  3. Graduates will demonstrate skills in staff relations, personnel matters and public relations
  4. Graduates will have practical experiences in such areas as event management, marketing, fundraising, and facility management


The Bachelor of Science degree in sport management allows students to pursue a broad core program in Marketing and Promotions, Management and Administration, Sport Communications and Sport Business. Courses in the core program are interdisciplinary with the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, the School of Business, and the Department of Communications. Sport Management prepares graduates for various entry-level positions, such as event facilities/arenas, intercollegiate athletics, sport organizations, sporting goods, broadcasting and promotion.

A minimum of a "C" or better is required in each major course, with 66 semester hours required in the major core.

See College Catalogue for Courses and Programs of Study plus more information.