Mission of the Public Health major is designed to prepare students for professional public health, health-related wellness, and fitness- related occupations. Special attention is given to public health issues that pertain to the African American population. Students who pursue a career in Public Health will be able to work in a variety of professions to include Community Health Educator; Disease Intervention Specialist; Health Communications Consultant; Health Education Consultant; Health Information Representative; Workplace Health Coordinator; and Rural Health Program Specialist.


Learning goals upon completion of the BSPH Program, graduates will be able to:

  • Explain the history and philosophy of public health as well as its core values, concepts, and functions across the globe and in society.
  • Identify the methods and tools of public health data collection, use, and analysis and why evidence-based approaches are an essential part of public health practice.
  • Identify the basic processes, approaches, and interventions that identify and address the major health-related needs and concerns of populations.
  • Relate the underlying science of human health and disease to opportunities for promoting and protecting health across the life course.
  • Identify the socio-economic, behavioral, biological, environmental, and other factors that impact human health and contribute to health disparities.
  • Apply the principles of project implementation, including planning, assessment, and evaluation in organizational and community initiatives.
  • Explain the fundamental characteristics and organizational structures of the U. S. health system as well as to the differences in systems in other countries.
  • Describe the legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory dimensions of health care and public health policy as well as the roles, influences, and responsibilities of the different agencies and branches of government.
  • Apply public health-specific communication, including technical and professional writing and the use of mass media and electronic technology to promote public health

The competencies expected of students completing the Public Health major are to be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the areas of knowledge basic to public health;
  • explain the basic values and beliefs of public health practice;
  • demonstrate an understanding of public health's focus on populations rather than individual behavior;
  • explain public health's focus on prevention of disease rather than treatment of disease;
  • identify, assess and monitor public health problems;
  • apply the basic methodology in research design, data collection, and data analysis for identification of health trends and public health problems;
  • discuss the general differences between communicable and non-communicable diseases with regard to prevention and intervention;
  • analyze evidence-based and innovative best practices of healthy behaviors to appropriate audiences;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of clinical and community-based public health interventions;
  • design, implement and evaluate educational programs for identified public health problems for at risk populations; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of an agency's public health function.

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