The competencies expected of students completing the Public Health major are to be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the areas of knowledge basic to public health;
  2. explain the basic values and beliefs of public health practice;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of public health's focus on populations rather than individual behavior;
  4. explain public health's focus on prevention of disease rather than treatment of disease;
  5. identify, assess and monitor public health problems;
  6. apply the basic methodology in research design, data collection, and data analysis for identification of health trends and public health problems;
  7. discuss the general differences between communicable and non-communicable diseases with regard to prevention and intervention;
  8. analyze evidence-based and innovative best practices of healthy behaviors to appropriate audiences;
  9. evaluate the effectiveness of clinical and community-based public health interventions;
  10. design, implement and evaluate educational programs for identified public health problems for at risk populations; and
  11. demonstrate an understanding of an agency's public health function.

See College Catalogue for Courses and Programs of Study plus more information.