The Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department offers several courses in both Health and Physical Education that are required for all students. The department also offers three major courses of study:

The Recreation and Leisure Services major seeks to prepare students who are able to work in diverse Recreation and Leisure Service settings. Students may also complete an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation.

Students who pursue a career in Recreation and Leisure Services will be able to work in a variety of settings to include general hospitals, mental health institutions, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, transition living and group homes, camps for special populations, community-based programs, municipal and county park and recreation agencies, adult and youth correctional facilities, university unions and intramural sports departments, military recreation, and various types of parks, recreation and leisure settings (e.g. golf courses, amusement parks, resorts, cruise lines and event management).

The Public Health program of study is designed to prepare students for professional public health, health-related wellness, and fitness related occupations. Special attention is given to public health issues that pertain to the African American population.

Students who pursue a career in Public Health will be able to work in a variety of professions to include Community Health Educator, Disease Intervention Specialist, Health Communications Consultant, Health Education Consultant, Health Information Representative, Workplace Health Coordinator, and Rural Health Program Specialist.

Both the Public Health and the Recreation and Leisure Services majors provide students with a solid foundation for continued graduate studies.

The Bachelor of Science degree in sport management allows students to pursue a broad core program in Marketing and Promotions, Management and Administration, Sport Communications and Sport Business. Courses in the core program are interdisciplinary with the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, the School of Business, and the Department of Communications. Sport Management prepares graduates for various entry-level positions, such as event facilities/arenas, intercollegiate athletics, sport organizations, sporting goods, broadcasting and promotion.

See College Catalogue for Courses and Programs of Study plus more information.