Departments of the Tyrone Adam Burroughs School of Business and Economics:

Business Administration, Management, and Marketing

The success of the Department of Business Administration, Management, and Marketing is founded on the strength of its academic offerings. Strong departments are the building blocks for a strong school, which in turn creates a strong college. In an era when it is more popular to promote integration, some business schools have flattened their organization by eliminating separate departments. However, we in the School of Business and Economics (SBE) are proud to maintain our departmental heritage and extol its virtue.

Economics, Finance & Accounting

The Department of Economics, Finance & Accounting offers majors in Accounting, Economics and a concentration in Finance.

An undergraduate major in economics can be an ideal preparation towards a Master's and/or Ph.D in Economics or Business Administration at a graduate school. Job opportunities are many for economics majors. State, local, federal governments and their agencies all employ a large number of economics majors. Business firms employ economics graduates to analyze economic conditions and forecast sales. Students with a strong background in economics and at least one foreign language may have some exciting opportunities with multinational corporations, banks, The World Bank, and The International Monetary Fund.

Students with a concentration in Finance have many opportunities in the financial and business world. They can find meaningful employment in financial institutions such as banks, investment brokerage firms and mutual funds. Students with a strong finance background and skills have career opportunities in non-financial institutions such as local, state and federal governments and their agencies.

Accounting as a profession provides flexibility and diversity in skills and specialties, which are often in great demand. As global firms react to market changes and challenges, so do accountants. Accountants are responsible for improving profitability, cash flow, corporate growth and return on investments. Accountants manage salary negotiations, executive compensations and money growth. Accountants work in banks, public accounting firms, manufacturing and sales organizations, hospitals and governments. They also work as consultants and entrepreneurs.

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