Guidelines for Use

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The following guidelines are furnished to provide order, dignity and reverence to the place we deem sacred. Your cooperation with these guidelines will greatly help as we seek to honor God. “And do everything in a decent and orderly manner.” 1 Co. 14:40

  1. To reserve the Chapel please submit facility requests through the Religious Services Department and Student Activities 10 working days prior to the event.
  2. Student groups must have College staff supervision present at all times.
  3. Non-Benedict sponsored activities are subject to fees for use of Antisdel Chapel. The Student Activities office will furnish a detail list of fee charges.
  4. Benedict is a Baptist related institution, only activities deemed appropriate for the Chapel will be considered. (Activities that are customarily held in a Church Sanctuary or Church setting are considered appropriate).
  5. Requestors of the Chapel will need to submit their requests to Physical Plant for set-up and breakdown for program use. (Chairs, podium, microphones, special equipment requirements, audio/visual support)
  6. Non-scheduled activities will be limited to prayer, Bible reading, meditation and emergency Christian counseling (other counseling will need to be scheduled).
  7. Upon completion of your program, the requestor is responsible for cleaning and placing the Chapel’s furnishings back as found. Any damages must be immediately reported.
  8. Special permission to remove the podium from the stage must be granted by the Dean of Chapel.
  9. The following activities are not permitted in the Chapel:

    Foul language/profanity
    Food; Drinks (stage guests are permitted to have water)
    Littering; Running, or playing
    Climbing over pews, sitting on the backs of pews, standing or lying on pews
    Sleeping, hanging-out or studying
    Headwear for men, Hair care activities
    Sexual activity (erotic gestures, touching or kissing)
    Secular Music, Speeches advocating anti-Christian principles and believes
    (i.e. safe sex, secular humanism, evolution, etc.)

    Worship Services, Prayer, Bible Study, All College Assemblies, Meetings, Concerts (these activities are also subject to these guidelines)

  10. It is the responsibility of the group or organization to clean up after use. You will need to contact and wait for Campus Police after hours, to ensure that all outside doors are locked.
  11. Collecting money at the door for admission to the Chapel is not permitted, however receiving an offering may be permitted upon prior approval from the Dean of Chapel and or College Administration.
  12. Emergencies should be handled through Campus Police.

Non-compliance with these guidelines will result in the restriction of individuals or groups from future Chapel use based upon the discretion of the Dean of Chapel and or College Administration. Thank you for your cooperation.

Rev. Thomas V. Davis
Dean of Chapel/Campus Minister

Revised: 2010