Student Services and Programs

  1. Sunday Worship
    Services are held in Antisdel Chapel on Sundays at 10 a.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Students and staff volunteer to usher and help lead worship. Guest preachers from South Carolina and the nation are also brought in to speak occasionally.
  2. Bible Studies and Prayer Services
    There are Bible studies held each week in the residential life facilities and in other designated locations. Prayer Service is held three times a week, however, the chapel is a sacred place that may be used through-out the week by students who wish to pray, read or just sit quietly.
  3. Guidance
    The College Minister is available to work with students whose issues and concerns seem too large for them to handle. Appointments may be scheduled, informal meetings or crisis intervention. The College Minister is on call day and night.
  4. Chapel Choir/Praise Dancers/Mime Dancers
    Interested persons must audition to become a member of the Chapel Choir and be available to dedicate about five hours a week for rehearsals and services. Hymns, anthems, spirituals and traditional gospel music are all sung by this choir. Dancing before the Lord is done with Praise and Mime Dancers. If dancing is your talent then we would be happy to have you participate in the worship service.
  5. Fellowship
    Student religious organizations include: Brothers and sisters in Christ (BASIC), the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and a diversity of faiths from around the world. Each group offers fellow students engaging activities that reflect their faith.