bc_2011_building_antisdel_chapel_0730_002.jpgThe Religious Services Department is committed to being the best of its kind, a multi-dimensional spiritual and moral resource for students, faculty, staff and community. It will insure an opportunity for students to comprehensively address their spiritual development. This department serves as the spiritual covering for the campus, participating in various campus programs and reaching out to members of the College community in times of crisis and emergency. The College Minister is responsible for religious life on the campus, while counseling students, ministering to their needs, and encouraging their spiritual growth.

Office of Religious Services

A vital component of the Student Affairs area is the Office of Religious Services. The Office of Religious Services functions to facilitate an environment for spiritual development. Whether that growth is sought in the areas of ethics and values, morals and understanding or religious choices and conversion, our comprehensive ministry assists to make campus life richer and more meaningful. The Dean of Chapel works to incorporate students, faculty, staff, and community in a journey to discover that spiritual development. The Office of Religious Services has five basic components.

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