Haskell Dormitory is located on the corner of Haskell Avenue and Waverly Street. There are two full-time, live-in Community Life Coordinators and two full-time non-live-in Community Life Assistants who manage the building 24 hours daily. There are also two Residence Hall Advisors (RHAs) assigned to supervise the hallways. The three-story building is designed to accommodate 234 male and female students. The dormitory is divided into two wings with men on one side and women on the other. The rooms accommodate two students and the suites accommodate four students. Within each suite, there is a living room and bathroom, in addition to two dorm rooms. The dormitory is predominantly assigned to upper-class male and female students. The living quarters are equipped with telephone, cable television and computer outlets. There is a laundry facility for the females as well as the males and a Living and Learning Lab that accommodates both genders. Community lounges and study spaces are located on each floor. The building is designed to accommodate an elevator for each side for easy traffic flow.

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