(Formerly Two Departments: Career Services, and Service-Learning and Leadership Development)

Career Pathways Initiative and Service-Learning Program


WHO are we?

Mrs. Tondaleya G. Jackson, Executive Director
Mr. Quin-Taylor Brown, AmeriCorps VISTA
Mrs. Sonya Johnson, Career Development Coordinator
Mr. Jesse Outen, Coordinating Director/Experiential Learning
Ms. Katrina Pitts, Service-Learning Program Manager
Ms. Scarlotte Suber, Tigers on Alert Program Coordinator
Ms. Sonia Vaughn, Administrative Coordinator
Ms. Angela Woodard, Learning and Assessment Coordinator

WHAT are we doing?

B. Bridging departments to form collaborative networks
E. Engaging stakeholders for shared resources 
N. Networking with community partners  
E. Enlisting the support of the advisory board
D. Developing outcomes and plans based upon best practices
I. Implementing technological systems to streamline services
C. Collaborating with cluster schools (Claflin & Voorhees)
T. Tracking activities and services for stakeholder reporting

WHEN are we doing it?

More detailed informational sessions will be held during the Faculty Development Conference.

WHY are we doing it?

To support student engagement and accomplish the program goals listed:

Career Development

  1. Implement a guided career pathways program that enhances students’ leadership and career fluency.
  2. Ensure comprehensive faculty and staff engagement in the career pathways student success model, which promotes more proactive and intentional career advising.
  3. Increase retention and decrease the percentage of students who take longer than four years to graduate by providing students with easy to use guided pathway plans.

WHERE are we doing it?

Business Development Center
2046 Two Notch, Columbia SC 29204
CPISL Administrative Office: 803-705-4726 phone
Career.Services@Benedict.Edu or Service.Learning@Benedict.Edu



  1. Provide annual evidence-based academic and social support learning programs and services that promote engaged citizenship, social responsibility, civic engagement, leadership development, and experiential practices to prepare students to contribute to a diverse and inclusive global society.
  2. Support faculty, staff, and community partners in pedagogy that engages students in mission-driven, innovative practices, scholarship, and collaborative learning to increase high impact practices.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the department’s workflow, through the utilization of a web-based application to track and manage service processes.


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