Counseling & Testing Services received $85,000 Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Prevention Grant (November 20, 2009).

The college experience should be an exciting and productive one. It should occur in a challenging environment in which students can grow and learn. Counseling and Testing Services mission is to provide some of the support activities that contribute to students' academic, social, and personal growth.

Each new freshman is assigned a PERSONAL COUNSELOR who is available throughout the students' matriculation at the College. In a confidential setting, personal counselors offer support, encourage a deeper under-standing of issues, provide information and guidance, and help students develop and achieve academic and personal goals.

Services Provided by Counseling & Testing Services

Peer Education Program (PEP) Team
This is a program that trains students to provide primary prevention educational services to the Benedict College student body.

Non-Intensive Individual Counseling
Reality based, goal directed personal counseling sessions designed to assist students in their adjustment to college life. The service is provided on a "referral" or "walk-in" basis by Counseling & Testing Services staff.

Intensive Individual Counseling
Reality based, goal directed personal counseling sessions provided by contracted counselors (either on or off campus). Students needing this service are referred by their assigned personal counselor or through the College's Health Center.

Group Counseling/Educational Sessions
Informational sessions conducted or facilitated by Counseling staff addressing topics staff such as relationship building, substance abuse prevention/intervention, conflict resolution, anger management, coping, etc. Students may volunteer to participate in these activities or are referred by campus organizations (i.e., Judiciary Committee, Athletics Department, or Campus Life).

Academic Probation Management (APM) Program
The Academic Probation Management Program is implemented by Counseling and Testing staff. Students who are on academic probation are mandated to meet regularly with their assigned counselor to assess barriers to academic success and develop/monitor a plan for academic progress.

The Counseling Center is located in the Student Health Center, 2nd Floor. Mrs. Millercin Weeks, Director, (803) 705-4741.

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