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"Your Rights-to-Know"

Important Phone Numbers

You may contact Campus Police by calling ext. 253-5400 or 705-4514. This number is active only from on-campus telephones. When off campus, dial (803) 253-5400 or 705-4514. When reporting criminal activities or other emergency situations, please provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The location of the incident you are reporting.
  3. A description of the scene and any suspects.
  4. A description of any vehicle including license plate numbers.

Lost & Found

The BC Campus Police Department is the central repository for items found on campus. If you have lost an item on-campus, please stop by the Starks Building-2nd floor, or call (803) 253-5400 or 705-4514 to inquire about said item(s).

Emergency Response Handbook (PDF)