Things to look for when Auditing:

  • Admit Date
  • Total Credit Hours Earned/Required
  • Grade Point Average
  • Remedial Hours/Courses (Do not count in the hours toward graduation)
  • Seminar Courses
  • Courses that require a "C" or better (General Education and Major Required)
  • Check for Repeat Courses
  • Courses failed at Benedict must be repeated at Benedict (not permissible to do at another institution).
  • Lower level/Upper level courses for transfer students (two year institutions)
  • Course equivalency (substitutions)
  • Conversions quarter to semester (Less for more)
  • Courses 10 years or older subject to validation
  • Remove Incompletes according to the date listed in the catalog
  • Last 30 hours in Residence Rule
  • Academic Course Approval
  • Time Factor
  • Other Concerns/Issue

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