Goal and Objectives

The goal of Educational Support Services is to help improve students' proficiency in communications, computation, and other skills necessary for the successful completion of college level courses. The unit of Educational Support Services seeks to assist students in college-level work, thereby creating positive outcomes and improving the student retention rate. The unit also seeks to make provisions to accommodate disabled and special needs students. Thus, the unit of Educational Support Services endeavors to reinforce and accommodate students' performance beginning with the freshman year of the general education curriculum and extending to coursework through the senior year.

The unit of Educational Support Services is a part of the Division of Academic Affairs and serves in a support capacity. The Educational Support Services unit includes: The English/Writing Lab, The Mathematics Lab, and Special Student Services. All undecided majors report to the Office of Educational Support Services for advising and scheduling.

Educational Support Services provides for students' needs:

Academic advising
Academic technology troubleshooting
Class attendance monitoring
Class schedule printouts
Class schedules
College catalogue information
Course conflict monitoring
Creating Achievers
English/Writing Lab
Mathematics Lab

Resume' preparation
Special needs services
Student development academic plan
Study groups
Test preparation
Undecided majors

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