The College Caf


Location: Swinton Campus Center

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your patronage.


Mr. James Stewart, Director of Food Services
Mrs. Terri Rice, Assistant Director of Food Services 705-4494
Office Administrative, Priscilla Oliver 705-4620
Catering, Subrina Peoples 705-4630
Liasion Coordinator, Shanea Chamberlain 705-4650

Telephone: 803-705-4620
Fax Number: 803-231-2131

Food Service Committee

We value your opinion and in order to ensure that we know best how to meet your needs, please share your concerns with your Student Representatives and/or the Director of Dining Services.

Sick Plates

We will provide sick plates for those who are ill. Simply contact your Resident Director for arrangement procedure.

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