Contestants should prepare choreography---about 12 eight counts--- without costumes, or props to a designated song.
Contestants will start with a review of dance technique and style. Afterwards, Contestants will perform in groups to the dance routine taught by the choreographer. You will be judged on dance technique, physical fitness, presentation, and showmanship.

Notice: Bring with a recent non-returnable photo and a dance resume to the audition (if you don't have a dance resume then you will need to bring a regular work resume).

Snacks/Drinks are optional

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your height and weight requirements?
A: None, however, you must be physically fit. (Your body has to compliment our uniforms.) We do not have any minimum or maximum limits - the 2006 squad ranged in height from 5'0" to 5'10"! Applicants should be in top physical condition!

Q: What do the judges look for at auditions?
A: The judges are looking at appearance, showmanship, dance ability, poise, personality, speaking ability and a fit shape.

Q: How should I fix my hair and make-up?
A: Make-up should be glamorous but not too heavy! A hairstyle that is up-to-date and compliments your features should be worn.

Q: Would you prefer a professional or dance/cheer resume for auditions?
A: If you have them, both would be terrific. This does not need to be professionally done. The purpose of the resume is to provide additional information for the interview process.

Q: What do you use the photograph for that you request at auditions? Should I go and get a professional head shot taken?
A: We strictly use the requested photograph for recognizing who you are at auditions. Please do not go out and get a professional photo for this purpose. These photos will not be returned to you! Just select a nice snapshot where you look as you do today! If you already have a head shot -- this would be fine to use!

Q: How long will preliminaries last?
A: Preliminaries and finals will be held on the same day. Make plans to stay the entire afternoon 1:00pm6:00pm.

Q: Do I need to prepare or choreograph any material for my audition?
A: Yes. Prepare several 8-counts of a dance routine/free style routine of your choice (Music will be provided at the auditions.)

Q: Do the current dancers have to audition again?
A: Yes. Each dancer must audition every year. The panel of judges cannot tell who has danced and who has not at pre-drill. Their spots on the team are not guaranteed. The current dancers have an interview portion as well.

Q: What else can I do to better prepare for auditions/pre drill?
A: First off, staying fit is a key element for being a Sweet Sensation dancer. This requires high athletic demands. Another great opportunity to brush up on dance and technical moves is to take additional dance classes.

Q: Will auditions be open to the public?
A: Yes, auditions will be held in the gym, along with color guard and drum major auditions.

Q: What type of things will I have to do for the final routine?
A: Final Routines will consist of jazz, technical, and hip hop styles.

Q: What can I expect from the interview process?
A: Be prepared to introduce yourself and provide an overview of your background, education, and goals.

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