Band Participation Audition Standards:

  • Complete and mail  membership application (see left menu) with your  high school band director's signature.
  • Graduate with a Grade point average of at least 2.00 (C average or better).
  • Chromatic Scale: Practical range of the instrument.
  • Major Scales: C, F, G, Bb, D, Eb, A, Ab, E, B, Db, Gb.
  • Prepared Material: etude (Study) and/or Solo Grade 4 or higher.
  • Sight-reading  (provided by the Director of Bands).
  • All scales must encompass the practical range of the instrument.
  • Scholarships are competitive. The initial amount of the scholarship is determined by the student's audition level and the instrumentation needs of the band program.
  • All 26 American Standard Rudiments  (Percussion  players only).

To set up an audition please contact the Director of Bands at this number (803) 705-4323 or 4711 or e-mail.

Mr. H. Wade Johnson, Director of Bands
Benedict College
1600 Harden St.
Columbia, South Carolina 29204