The concert choir not only offers a variety of performing opportunities for the entire choir, but also for ensembles within the choir.  An audition is required in order to perform with one of the following ensembles: The Elite Voices, the Female Ensemble, and the Male Ensemble.

Elite Voices is a contemporary vocal chamber ensemble of about sixteen singers, a keyboardist, and a percussionist that perform a variety of musical literature.  Founded in the fall of 1998 by Dr. Linda Kershaw, the group presents spiritual, gospel, show tunes, R&B and other popular styles.  This select group of performers stems from the concert choir by audition. The group represents the College in a myriad of venues throughout the local, regional and national communities. The Male and Female Ensembles are newly implemented groups consisting of about six to eight members each and serve as featured performers during concerts on- and off-campus.