The Concert Choir offers a wide range of leadership possibilities for which any responsible member may participate. Positions include choir officers (9 positions), accompanist, student conductor, section leader, and other various appointments. To hold any of these positions you must be opened minded, creative, responsible and dependable. However, along with the fore-mentioned, choir officer positions require specific prerequisite:

  • Choir officers must be officially enrolled in a section of the choir course or be able to attend every class meeting (M-W-F @ 2:00 PM).
  • Officers must maintain a GPA of at least a 2.5 or better, and carry a minimum of 12 SCH before accepting a nomination to become an officer.
  • Officers must allocate one hour of their weekly schedule at least twice per week to take care of choir business as assigned by the director, executive assistant to the director or choir president.
  • Officers must attend all scheduled meetings and training sessions.

Specific Officer Responsibilities


The President is responsible for delegating duties to choir officers and members.

Other duties include:

  • Presiding over and facilitating officer meetings
  • Initiating warm-ups at the beginning of each rehearsal (if needed)
  • Monitoring, assessing and confirming the completion of officer duties
  • Disseminating fines to officers

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for delegating duties to choir officers and members in the absence of the president.  Other duties include:

  • Presiding over and facilitate officer meetings in the absence of the president
  • Managing performance logistics
  • Confirming the completion of officer duties
  • Disseminating fines to members

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary is responsible for recording accurate agenda and minutes at each executive board meeting, and delivering a copy of the agenda and minutes of each meeting to the director for review. Other duties include:

  • Recording an accurate roll for class, dress rehearsals, performances and trips
  • Obtaining/filing current contact information from all members
  • Obtaining/filing current health information from all choir members
  • Copying, filing, maintaining accurate music log (signing in/out all music folders)

Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for sending letters of correspondence to previous performance sites and prospective recruits. Other duties include:

  • Organizing a recruitment committee
  • Confirming engagement requests
  • Preparing acknowledgements and thank-you's


The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of and reporting the status of agency finances. Other duties include:

  • Making deposits (performance fees, donations and fines) and filing receipts
  • Maintaining a current agency account balance statement


The Publicist is responsible for providing the College and community with performance schedules and tour information. Other duties include:

  • Generating all organization publications
  • Updating web-site information
  • Reporting performance information to the College Public Relations Director and Editor of the College newspaper


The Parliamentarian is responsible for keeping order within the organization. Other duties include:

  • Recording names of members who consistently behave irresponsibly
  • Disseminating fines to members through the Vice President


The Chaplain is responsible for providing spiritual guidance for the organization. Other duties include:

  • Praying prior to travel
  • Encouraging spiritual support to choir members in times of special need

Business Manager

The responsibility of the Business Manager is organizing and facilitating transportation, performance itinerary, meals and lodging for all performances. Other duties include:

  • Correspondence with prospective performance sites for all logistics (parking, staging, dressing facilities, etc.)
  • Identifying needed equipment and instruments for all performances, on- and off- campus

Miss Concert Choir

The responsibility of Miss Concert Choir is to represent the organization in Coronation and Homecoming Parade. Other duties include:

  • Keeping an accurate inventory of all performance attire
  • Accurately checking in/out each garment
  • Reminding all members to maintain personal and performance cleanliness and neatness
  • Collecting all attire at the end of each semester