Campus Organizations
(Greek and Social Lettered Organizations, and Classes)

The Office of Student Activities requests the following for the new Academic Year:

___Registration of Officers (PDF)
___Membership Roster (Alphabetical Order; PDF)
___Adviser's Name/Registration (PDF)
___Completion of Facility Request Forms

___Calendar of Events for the Year
___Goals and Objective for the Year
___Points System Information
___Liability Insurance (Greek and Social Lettered Organizations Only)

Contact Office of Student Activities for deadline to submit items listed above in bold print.  The Office of Student Activities is located in the David H. Swinton Campus Center. 

All of the above items must be submitted by the deadlines.  Failure to submit registration information will result in your organizational queen not participating in the Coronation of Miss Benedict College.

If you have any questions, please call the Office of Student Activities at (803) 705-4408.

Important Reminders

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