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Content Editors:

Dr. Lashaune Brisbon
Content Editor for the School of Education.

Darren Clinton
Systems Administrator for the Office of Information Technology.

Dr. Tracy Dunn
Content Editor for the Tyrone Adam Burroughs School of Business and Economics.

Damian Farmer
Web/Database Administrator.

Kaanan Lewis
Content Editor for the Library, Mobile Multimedia Center, and Archives Center.

Gabrielle Montgomery
Senior On-Site Service Specialist and Content Editor.

Rashad Paige
School of STEM/HBCU-UP Program Manager and Content Editor.

Dr. Kimberly Haynes Stephens
Content Editor for the Office of Academic Affairs.

Floyd Ingram - Webmaster of the Benedict College website from 2000 to 2018.

The current front/landing page of the Benedict College website was designed by Devin M. Jeter and Keshawn D. Thomas (July 2016).


Over the past 4 years, the Institution has been engaged in the Re-Design of the Benedict College WebSite. This past Fall 2003 semester, the new site was showcased. This ends this project and the culmination of work by many people and colleagues over the past few years. With this in mind, we would like to acknowledge and thank those who contributed to the success of this project:

Dr. David Swinton (President)
Administration (project support and contributors)
Dr. Marcia Conston (1999 - 2001 - project team)
Robert Squirewell (MIS Director - project team)
Floyd Ingram(Web Administrator, developer, contributor - project team)
Darryl Izzard (Web Developer - project team)
Katrina Damon (Web Re-Design Project Manager)
Web Multimedia Team (Susan Dugan, Donald Holmes, Gina Moore, Kymm Hunter, Derrick Johnson, Benny Brown, Alice Holt, project team)
Web Content Management Team (Erica Williams, Erica Hepburn, Beneatha Warren, Adrian Sands, Pamela Simuel, Diane Wade, Sonja Johnson, Carolyn Cowan, Myron Davis, Aquanette Frazier, Armetria Goodwin, Verna Mayers, Marcella Davis, Jacqueline Williams, Mattie Fowler, Byron Stokes, Tina Mason, Betty Jenkins, project team)
Departmental Contributors
Partners - Syneractive/Excelorant

We especially thank Mr. Floyd Ingram for his many "above and beyond the call of duty" efforts toward this project. We greatly anticipate the continued growth and evolution of www.benedict.edu to be the best in its class. Thanks again to everyone who may/may not be listed who made contributions and will continue to support the Benedict College WebSite!

Katrina Damon
Web Re-Design Project Manager
(1999 - 2003)

About the Benedict College Website

This website was originally created in 2000 by students, Jonathan K. Adams and Rasheed Barnes, under the apprenticeship of Dr. Stacey F. Jones, then Chair of the Mathematics & Computer Science Department. After graduating from Benedict College in 2001, Jonathan K. Adams continued providing system administrative support for several years while attending graduate school. See the Evolution of the BC Website.

Irene Chalokwu - the first Benedict College Webmaster (1996-1999), MIS Department.

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