Benedict College Offers FastTrac and NxLevel ©
Training Programs for Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs can evaluate business opportunities and develop a business plan at entrepreneurial training programs offered at the Center. These include the First Step FastTrac © entrepreneurial training program and NxLevel © for Entrepreneurs offered by Benedict College Business Development Center.

The courses run for approximately eight weeks. For more information, or to register for the FastTrac or NxLevel Training Programs, please call (803) 705-4781.

bc business dev ctr"Aspiring entrepreneurs who complete these courses will have developed the skills necessary to properly evaluate a business opportunity and leave with a written plan for launching their new venture. They will also know what funding options are available to them," said Dr. Darlene Booth-Bell, Director of Business Development Center at Benedict College. "During each session, participants will learn from experienced entrepreneurs and educators. In addition, local business experts will share their experiences and knowledge with the class. Participants will be able to network with other aspiring entrepreneurs and work on their business plans".

FastTrac, a program of the Kauffman Foundation, is a practical, hands-on business development program designed to help entrepreneurs hone the skills needed to create, plan, manage, and grow a successful business. FastTrac participants don't just learn about business, they live it. They work on their own business ideas or ventures throughout the program. FastTrac is a framework for entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Programs combine facilitator-led sessions, small-group discussions and activities, guest subject matter experts, idea sharing with peers, and business coaching and mentoring.

NxLeveL® was founded in 1993 through a sponsorship by the US West Foundation and the University of Colorado at Denver. Since July 2002, NxLeveL® had operated as an independent non-profit corporation located in Salt Lake City, Utah. NxLeveL® products are the result of listening to the needs of small business owners throughout the United States. Business indicated that they wanted training courses that provided: 1) business skills training, 2) practical hands-on guidance in marketing, bookkeeping, financial projections, and 3) negotiating with lenders. NxLeveL® has developed several distinct products. Each course is tailored to the market segment it serves.

bc business dev ctr