The Benedict College Business Development Center Incubator Program was designed to assist and nurture small businesses through the crucial stages of business development-from the growth through expansion. A cornerstone of the program is to develop minority entrepreneurs and provide them below-market-rate office space in order that they may stay in the communities they serve. The incubator is a "general purpose" incubator.

The Incubator Admission Criteria

The criteria for admission are the following:

  • New and early stage business in the area
  • A viable business concept
  • Must have capital/means of support
  • Intent to remain in the Metropolitan Business Community after "graduation."

Incubation Graduation Criteria

The criteria for graduation are the following:

  • Success in achieving its objectives or product development
  • Growth in revenue or earnings
  • Community revitalization potential

Incubator Application Process

  • Requesting in writing or person for the BDC's Business Incubator Program Packet
  • Applicant returns incubator application
  • The BDC staff reviews and verifies the applicant's application information
  • A consultation is scheduled
  • Reference check of credit and/or business references
  • Application is submitted to the director for review
  • Once approved, the new client and director will establish short and long term goals for the business.
  • Incubator Tenant signs lease, becomes a participant in the incubator program, and moves into the BDC's office suite

For more information contact the Benedict College Business Development Center:

Office: (803) 705-4781, Fax: (803) 705-7080