Due to the numerous reported cases of influenza (flu) in the Student Health Center, the entire campus community is advised of the following tips to minimize the threat.


WASH your hands

DISINFECT surfaces/objects often

COVER your cough (cough/sneeze in your sleeve)

DO NOT SHARE cups or utensils (any personal items)

Get 7-9 HOURS of sleep

STAY HOME if you're sick and officially excused

FLU SHOTS AVAILABLE – Free to students (not already sick or diagnosed)

**Students who have been diagnosed (hospital/doctor) with the flu must report to the Benedict College Student Health Center ASAP! Advise your CLC if diagnosed during the weekend when the Health Center is closed**

Benedict College Student Health Center
2315 Laurel Street
Columbia, SC 29204
(803) 705-4719 (office)
(803) 252-7527 (fax)

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