Please read below about some of our spectacular students as they undergo professional experiences that foster growth in their professional capacity. Students will be showcased for their research participation and presentations, attendance at regional and national conferences, and publications in academic literature in their respective disciplines of study. 




The goal of the IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) is to increase the NIH research capacity of the state by programmatic expansion and networking of research activities of faculty and students at academic institutions through the state.

This SC INBRE goal is achieved by supporting the career development of faculty and hands-on research training of students at network institutions which include the three research universities in South Carolina (University, University and Medical University of South Carolina) and at ten four-year institutions (Claflin UniversityCoastal Carolina UniversityThe College of CharlestonFrancis Marion UniversityFurman University in consortium with Converse CollegePresbyterian CollegeSouth Carolina State UniversityUniversity of South Carolina Aiken and Winthrop University). Also affiliated with SC INBRE are Anderson UniversityBenedict CollegeLander University and University of South Carolina Beaufort.

Main Strategies of SC INBRE

  1. Provide access to resources for support of research activity at all institutions in SC;
  2. Provide training and resources for preparation of competitive grant proposals; and
  3. Develop competitive grants programs to involve faculty at Mentored and Outreach institutions, and provide a unique opportunity to enhance productive interactions among academic institutions throughout the state and thereby accelerating growth of biomedical research activities in the state.

2017 SC INBRE Fall Science Symposium

On October 28th, 2017 the SC INBRE Fall Science Symposium took place at the South Carolina State Museum.  The symposium consisted of student poster session and talks by DRP faculty. Benedict College had the honor of being represented by three extraordinary students from the Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Health Science Department department. These students presented their research posters to an audience of 100 individuals from various universities and organizations.

The experience of presenting research to your professional peers is an experience that showcases a student’s hard work and scientific contribution to their field. We thank our students for their hard work and being an excellent representation of their selves, the faculty of the department, and Benedict College as a whole. The department of Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Health Science is proud to have these students ‘and  looks to further showcase and supports their efforts in further projects. Please see below our students who presented their research at the 2017 SC INBRE Fall Science Symposium. 

Dajana Baker, Junior Biology Major 

Shanice Fezeu, Junior Biology Major

Diana Odhiambo, Junior Biology Major



What is AfroTech!?

AfroTech is a conference where the founders and employees of some of the fastest-growing tech startups present the tactics & strategies they use to grow their products and businesses. 

Conversations ranged from raising venture funding, combining tech and culture, user design workshops and growth hacking. The conference consisted of two full days of speakers, competitions and showcases of the latest technologies and hottest startups in the country. This year AfroTech added learning tracks so participants can go deep in their community and get tangible takeaways.

Participants were able to learn from the top tech companies and startup founders. Each attendee picked a track after registration and followed a program that taught them how to level up their startup or career.

For more information about the conference please refer to the link provided:

Benedict College Students @ AfroTech!

Students Pictured: 

Warda Dedefo, Sophomore Computer Engineering Major 

Wubayehu Meheretu, Junior Computer Engineering Major

Abubeker Abduallahi, Junior Computer Engineering Major

Hana Hailu, Senior Computer Engineering Major 

Yassine Jaoudi, Senior Electrical Engineering Major 

Quentin Elosie, Junior Mathematics Major

Darius Myers, Sophomore Computer Science Major

Gregory Young III, Freshman Computer Science Major

Staff Pictured: 

Rashad Paige, Program Manager HBCU UP

The second annual AfroTech conference took place November 10th-11th, 2017 and 8 Benedict College students had the privilege of being amongst the other 2,000 plus conference attendees from across the globe. Students began the conference weekend with a Thursday night visit to Uber HQ for an open house social mixer with various other conference attendees and Uber employees. Students received a tour of Uber’s HQ and were able to meet various employees who work at Uber who shared their collective experiences. Students were also given the opportunity to speak with Uber’s VP of engineering via video conference call. The open house ended with students being able to speak one-on-one with Uber employees about their areas of specialties and professional journey. The open house provided students with professional insight into to a top tech company and served as a great way to open up the conference weekend.

The conference itself was an unforgettable experience for the 8 students who attended. When students arrived to Day 1 of the conference the excitement and anticipation was evident from the grins on their faces and the line they stood in despite the inclement weather.  Once admission was granted they were able to freely explore the venue and meet various other individuals. The conference was called to order with a brief welcome and warm up exercise by Blavity CEO/Founder, Morgan DeBaun. Students spent the majority of the day in their respective sessions where they received information on engineering, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Day 2 of the conference began with the same excitement and anticipation from all involved. Day 2 presented students with the opportunity to participate in recruiting sessions from primer tech companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, Oculus, Sony, Zillow, and Braintree to new a few in attendance. The conference ended with students receiving inspirational words from speakers in the closeout lightning talks. Speakers spoke of the many personal and professional struggles they had to endure on their way to the top of their profession. The theme of perseverance was continuously covered with students took that message to heart as the conferenced ended that night.

Quentin & Yassine recieve professional advice from Senior Computer Engineers at Netflix


The purpose of bringing students to this conference was to bridge the gap between their classroom curriculum and professional aspirations. The exposure students received at this conference was like no other received before and it is the hope of the HBCU UP program that funds will continue to be available to attend this conference yearly. The AfroTech conference was not only about substantive information but also was a celebration of black excellence in the Tech industry. 



Open Source 101 is a one-day conference covering the processes and tools foundational to open source, open tech, and the open web. Target audience includes developers, technologists and decision makers, and both existing professionals and students of all types. The format includes TED style keynote talks as well as track sessions from industry experts.



USC Alumni Center
Downtown Columbia, SC | 900 Senate St | Columbia, SC 29201
USC Alumni Center

Open Source 101 - FREE passes for Benedict Tuesday, April 17 9:30 am - 4:45 pm EST USC Alumni Center, downtown Columbia Overview: Open Source 101 is a one-day conference covering the technologies and processes that are foundational to open source, open tech, and the open web. The event will feature industry experts delivering 15 minute keynote and extended 30-40 minute track session talks. The goal is that attendees leave the event with a better understanding of open source and ready to contribute or consume. Target audience includes current professionals new to open source/tech/web, professionals familiar with but wanting a refresher, and students of all types with a desire to learn more about open source. Website: To register: Speakers: Schedule:

Promotional codes:

  • BenedictNSBE
  • Special promo code for women because diversity matters: BenedictWomenEng