The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for Benedict College represents a strategic approach to reforming the first-year experience across the curriculum that incorporates innovative, didactic methods designed to:

  • Increase or maximize first year student effort as a key component of the student learning process,
  • Improve the design and delivery of academic resources and support services,
  • Maximize participation by first year students,
  • Enhance the teaching and learning environment through the use of an improved and reliable technology infrastructure.

Further, the plan explicitly expresses that "The primary notion of our QEP is based on the premise that all students can maximize their learning if they maximize the required effort to learn and engage in college appropriate behaviors". Moreover, the plan states that, "If the QEP is successful, freshman students will engage in more of the "college-appropriate behavior or efforts necessary to be successful in their first-year college experience resulting in an increase in their college achievements. Students will display greater efforts or "college-appropriate" behavior by positive changes in studying, class attendance and punctuality, class participation, assignment completion, a sense of self-pride and respect for the community."