SURI (Summer Undergraduate Research Institute) 

The goal of this program is to engage students in faculty-guided primary research, which will develop critical thinking,quantitative and communication skills. Students work full-time in a Benedict College STEM faculty's research lab. Each Friday teams attend a Journal Club in which they present aspects of their research project. Students submit abstracts and present their final results at the SURI Research Symposiu at the end of the eight weeks. 

Qualifications: Applicants meet these requirements for acceptance into the SURI Program. 

1. Must be enrolled at Benedict College.

2. Must have a classisfication of Sophomore status based upon academic records.

3. Must currently have minimun GPA of 2.5.

4. Must be in good financial standing with Benedict College. 

Interested students should submit their qualifying information via the Google form below. The deadline for applications is April 16, 2018. You will be contacted in early April regarding your application. 


2017 SURI Cohort

Top row (L-R): Diana Odhiambo, Dr. Samuel A. Darko, Sayquon Bannister, Rashida Townsend, Dahana Durand, Wubayehu Meheretru, Rose Exantus, Dr. Jessica M. FurrerDr. Rush H. Oliver, Shakayla Dozier, Lyne Bates-Butler, Jordan Lancaster, K’lynn Spivey, Kayla McNeil, Dr. Ming Yin, Maleesia Ragins

Bottom row (L-R): Abubeker Abdullahi, Kenean Solomon, Yonas Gebremedhin, Jhoan Hernandez, Ahmed Yunus, Lennox Williams, Maria Melville, Zakise Thompson , Quentin Eloise, Hector Hinestroza,  Jonathan Samuel, Craig Hinson

Faculty not pictured: Dr. Samir S. Raychoudhury, Dr. Larry Lowe, Dr. Walden Ai,  Dr. Naima Naheed, Dr. Changyong Qin, Dr. Milton A. Morris, Dr. Silvia Atim


Research Proceedings: SURI Research Symposium Proceedings  

Dajana Baker (photo)

Benedict College Student Ms. Dajana Baker‘s summer research was supported by the SC LS-AMP program.  She made three presentations and the first one was in the 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Institute held at Benedict College campus.  In fall 2017, she made presentations in SC INBRE Science Symposium held in Columbia, SC and in the 2017 Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Phoenix, Arizona.

The program also supported two other biology junior, Ms. Kayla McNeil and Ms. K’lynn Spivey. Both of them presented in the 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Institute held at Benedict College campus.  

Faculty Contributions:


Dr. Samir Raychoudhry, Dean of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Benedict College, was one of our recent REU recipients for his project, “The Effects of Humic Substances on Acute Toxicity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons." Shown are: Maryclair Keke (Photo 1) getting ready to prepare samples for gel elctrophoresis, Diana Odhiambo (Photo 1) culturing MCF-7 breast cancer cells under a tissue culture hood, and Dajana Baker (Photo 3) presenting a poster on The Effects of Humic Acid on Acute Toxicity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Read more about these students and Benedict's School of STEM’s Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) 2017 Research Symposium