Academic Support Department

The highly selected and trained Freshman Faculty, Lead Faculty members and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants comprise the Academic Support Department. The Academic Support Department ensures the design, implementation and evaluation of the first year curriculum to include: classes taught in Smart Classrooms, student based learning, technology driven instruction. Individual and Team Recognition for student academic effort and success will be frequently announced as a part of the Benedict College Association of Academics.

Effort Support Department

Academic Success Coaches and Student Success Trainers in the Effort Support Department serve as the major enthusiasts, motivators, and supporters for freshman students. The Effort Department Staff provides directed professional mentorship, leadership and guidance to an assigned group of first year students and coach first year students into becoming successful college students. Again, as members of the Benedict College Association of Academics, Individual and Team Recognition for student academic effort and appropriate non academic effort will give students and Teams opportunities to compete for the first place recognition.

Learning Support Department

The Learning Support Department, comprised of professional Learning Specialists and Peer Tutors, will supplement classroom instruction and ensure that students get any tutorial support and out of class guidance needed for their academic success. To maximize the Learning Support effort, the Learning Labs will consist of technology designed to supplement all Freshmen. The Learning Labs will be open for extended hours to meet the needs of our Freshman students.