Dr. B. L. James
Adjunct Professor of Religion

bc_faculty_james_bDr. B. L. James resides in Lugoff, SC. He is the pastor and founder of The Living Church in the Lord Jesus Christ (The City of Hope) in McBee, South Carolina. He is the bishop serving as the presiding prelate of the Holy Apostolic Nation in the Apostles’ Doctrine, Incorporation (H. A. N. A. D.) and the B. L. James Ministries.  H. A. N. A. D. is a ministry that believes in the operation of the five-fold ministering gifts of the Holy Spirit. This body of  believers is totally steadfast to the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Dr. James believes that the Church is still behind in the teachings and principles that Jesus Christ intended for the body of Christ, particularly those teachings and principles pertaining to the agenda of the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, Dr. James further believes that H. A. N.A. D. has a responsibility to push the Church further into the mandates of God, by preaching and teaching the whole counsel of God’s truth.

Dr. James has preached across many denominational lines. He is an international active speaker at conventions and conferences across the world. He travels to the continent of Africa and the West Indies as a missionary preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. His message is one of Hope for people everywhere. Dr. James mentors pastors and is instrumental in establishing churches.

Dr. James received a Bachelor Degree in Education from Benedict College, Columbia, South Carolina. He has a Master of Art in Religion with an emphasis in Christian Education, and a Master of Sacred Theology Ministry with an emphasis in Church History from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Columbia, South Carolina. He received his Doctoral degree in Supervision Leadership from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.  Dr. James is currently employed as an adjunct professor of Religion at Benedict College in the Department of Social Sciences and Criminal Justice, which is housed in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

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