Midlands Technical College and Benedict College will designate academic and/or enrollment services representatives responsible for coordinating the Midlands Technical College – Benedict College Bridge Program and post this information on the college web sites.  In addition, links will be established between the web sites of the two colleges to facilitate transfer information for Bridge Program students, advisors and counselors.

Midlands Technical College and Benedict College can develop shared student support resources, such as student leadership activities, and community service projects.  Staff will meet on a regular basis to discuss joint activities which can benefit the students of both colleges. 

Midlands Technical College and Benedict College will collaborate to assess Bridge Program effectiveness through the use of student focus groups, surveys and enrollment data.  Benedict College will provide Midlands Technical College with admission, enrollment and GPA information on students who transfer from Midlands Technical College to Benedict College so that both colleges can jointly assess program quality and make modifications as needed to enhance student transfer success.