Friday, August 12, 2016

Benedict College Welcomes Todd Foster as the New Director of Facilities

Columbia, SC -- Benedict College is pleased to announce the recent hire of Todd Foster, who joins the College as Director of Facilities. Foster brings to Benedict College 12 years of facilities management experience from the premiere echelons of the nation’s hotel industry, plus more than five years HVAC service in the Navy. In his new role, Foster will develop a more comprehensive maintenance program and response times to improve the College's preventive maintenance modules.

bc_staff_foster_todd_20160812"Everything relates,” is Foster’s favorite saying because he believes nothing is too small or insignificant to impact the well-being of each student, staff, or faculty member. Foster is using this principle to retrain how his staff views every room they enter. Foster will also draw on his extensive managerial and HVAC experience to work closely with and oversee the facilities staff. This, in addition to improving its communications to the College, will fulfill the Physical Plant’s contribution to promote Benedict College's initiatives.

Mission: The Physical Plant’s mission is to support and stimulate the educational goals of the College by maintaining safe, sustainable and inspirational environments, while balancing its financial resources, leveraging the talent of local engineering, design, and construction professionals and maintaining relationships with the all of its constituents.

The Physical Plant has a renewed dedication to providing improved service and maintenance, and has restructured its staff to ensure this vision becomes reality. In the upcoming months, the goal is to show the Benedict College family incremental changes that will make Benedict’s learning and living environment more amenable.
“The Physical Plant considers it a privilege to serve you, as you teach, study, live, work, and play at Benedict College. We solicit your support in helping us make Benedict College better,” notes Foster.

Staff: The staff is a combination of custodial, maintenance, and grounds technicians, plus administrative personnel who have been through restructured orientation to learn the Benedict College’s expectation of service. The SchoolDude work order system will continue to be a resource for communications on project status and documentation, and will also assist with expediting distribution of tasks to the appropriate craft and technician. Please note that Building Managers will need to update their email addresses and create a new password for SchoolDude. For more information, please call the IT Help Desk (4950).

Please utilize this service to assist the Physical Plant to efficiently manage your needs. As part of the Physical Plant’s restructuring, its communications system is being updated and a revised. A new contact list will be distributed soon. For additional assistance with your work orders and service needs, please contact Mr. Anthony Hardrick Facilities Inventory Control Clerk (4516) or Mrs. Shelia Favor (4565).


Kymm Hunter, Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing; 803.705.4519
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