The program is intended for first-time college attendees who are recent high school graduates, but is also open to adult learners who begin their college experience at Midlands Technical College.  Participation in the program is determined by the student's express desire to eventually matriculate at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina.

Students will be identified in the following ways:

  • Students denied admission to Benedict College either for academic or space available reasons and who live in the Midlands Technical College service area will be notified of the program option by the Benedict College Admissions Office.
  • Midlands Technical College will notify prospective and/or newly matriculated students about the availability of the program through the college's Bridge Program web site and other publications, orientations and recruitment materials.
  • If desired by both colleges, joint recruitment materials publicizing the Benedict College – Midlands Technical College Bridge Program will be developed.  All joint materials must be approved by the Public Affairs/Marketing Offices of both colleges.

Once students are identified by Benedict College or Midlands Technical College and give permission for the sharing of their directory information, student names and contact information will be sent to the Benedict College Admissions Office and the MTC Admissions Office for system input and tracking.