Saturday, October 24, 2015

Summer Experience at MIT

bc_2015_student_mware_noelle_atieno001Columbia, SC -- October 24, 2015 -- In the summer of 2015, Noelle Atieno Mware, a junior Environmental Engineering major, had the privilege of attending a nine-week summer research program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Each week, she joined a group of interns who made a research presentation of notable research work conducted in the labs of MIT faculty members. A great deal of emphasis was put on how to become a competitive graduate school candidate, preparing yourself for graduate school and completing graduate school applications. The professors also stressed the importance of making excellent presentations and becoming an effective communicator.

During her internship, she worked at the Parsons Laboratory for Civil and Environmental Engineering with Professor Benjamin Kocar and two other laboratory supervisors. Noelle’s project was on the interaction of particulate organic matter with trace metals with the need to decipher the bioavailability and transformation of the trace metals in the environment. This opportunity enhanced her research skills and understanding including the use of data analysis software and mass spectroscopic instrument. She shared her research findings at the MSRP closing banquet in a poster presentation. During her stay in Boston she was engaged in several activities including a trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

On campus, Noelle, a native of Kimilili, Kenya, has worked with Dr. Samuel Darko’s research group since her freshman year. The group’s primary focus is dedicated to the use of waste biomass for environmental protection. She is currently working on the fabrication of adsorbents from waste egg and crustacean shells and evaluates them on the removal of heavy metals including chromium, lead, and cadmium. This work has enabled Noelle to hone her experimental design, critical thinking, instrumentation, and analytical skills.

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