This program utilizes existing policies, programs and services in a defined and targeted way for students beginning at Midlands Technical College who wish to matriculate at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina.  Policies governing the admission, enrollment and transfer of students are the sole purview of each institution.

Students served by the program begin their academic studies at Midlands Technical College. Transfer consideration generally requires at least 30 semester hours of transferable work.  While it is anticipated that students will spend at least a full year at Midlands Technical College, students meeting Benedict College's freshman admission requirements may transfer after one semester.

Benedict College and Midlands Technical College will promote associate degree attainment to interested students. This includes, but is not limited to, completing all necessary coursework and hours to earn an associate's degree at Midlands Technical College or the reverse transfer' of courses back to Midlands Technical College upon successful completion of coursework and hours at Benedict College. Benedict College will transfer in up to 62 hours of the Midlands Technical College associate degree coursework, depending on the criteria of the major into which the student is transferring.