The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) conducts various studies to assist administrators, faculty, and staff with the necessary statistical data needed to assess the effectiveness of their departments, services, and programs. The Institutional Effectiveness process involves a continuous cycle of planning, research, assessment, feedback, and continuous improvement.

Below is a list of the major surveys conducted at the College. Please note that this list excludes the numerous other departmental studies conducted by OIE in conjunction with other units at the College.

  • Survey of Academic Advising
  • Withdrawing/Non-Returning Student Survey
  • Entering Student Survey
  • Financial Aid Student Services Survey
  • Alumni Survey
  • Student Opinion Survey
  • Evaluation of the Registration Process
  • Student Evaluation of Faculty
  • Exiting Senior Survey
  • Retention Study
  • Advisory Perception Survey


  • The purpose of the Survey of Academic Advising is to obtain students' impressions of an institution's academic advising services
  • The purpose of the Withdrawing/Non-Returning Student Survey is to provide an in-depth look at student's reason(s) for leaving college before completing a degree or certificate program
  • The purpose of the Entering Student Survey is to collect a variety of demographic, background, and educational information about the institution's entering students
  • The purpose of the Financial Aid Student Services Survey is to address the informational needs of the financial aid office
  • The purpose of the Alumni Survey is to help the 4-year institution evaluate the impact of its programs, services, and experiences on students by assessing the perceptions of its graduates and provide a detailed employment and educational history
  • The purpose of the Student Opinion Survey is to explore student's perceptions of the 4-year institution's programs and services
  • The purpose of the Evaluation of the Registration Process is to evaluate the effectiveness of the components of the registration process  financial aid; student billing; academic advising; and housing.
  • The purpose of the Student Evaluation of Faculty is to obtain the perceptions of students regarding the faculty's behaviors and classroom instructions.
  • The purpose of the Exiting Senior Survey is to obtain student's demographical information, current and prospective employment information, post-graduation plan (especially pertaining to furthering their education), intentions regarding financially supporting the Annual Alumni Fund, student's level of satisfaction with the College's programs and services, whether or not these programs and services contributed to student's personal growth and development, and student's perceptions about the Department of Public Safety, the Service-Learning Program, and the Office of Financial Aid.
  • The purpose of the Retention Study is to examine the drop-out, stop-out, and retained rates of students that enrolled at Benedict College. This study is conducted in conjunction with the Withdrawing/Non-Returning Student Survey.