Monday, September 23, 2013

Columbia, SC -- September 23, 2013 -- Benedict College has formed partnership with Fort Jackson, the United States Army Basic Combat Training facility located in Columbia, South Carolina, through the efforts of Captain Ori Avila, Commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 120th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception), and Mrs. Tondaleya G. Jackson, Director of the College’s Service-Learning and Leadership Development Program. Students in Benedict College’s Leadership Development Institute will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with military officers in the Fort Jackson Leadership Program. Through workshops, seminars, and on-base leadership training exercises, student leaders at Benedict College will be able to benefit from the knowledge and unique experiences of select military personnel.

On Wednesday, September 18, 2013, Mrs. Jackson, Dr. Janeen Witty, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and other Academic Affairs team members participated in a special event called “Benedict College’s Morning with the Military.” Mrs. Jackson, said, “The College’s partnership with a nationally recognized military installation such as Fort Jackson will afford Benedict College students and Fort Jackson soldiers the opportunity to benefit from shared knowledge. We are excited about the limitless potential for growth and community outreach possible through this partnership.”

While Benedict College looks forward to the unique resources and opportunities the collaboration with Fort Jackson will bring, there is reciprocity in the partnership. Benedict College will facilitate workshops and similar training to Fort Jackson personnel on a variety of topics to meet their educational needs. Captain Avila shared the sentiment, “People often forget that the Army is part of what we call the Profession of Arms. The word to take away from that is profession. We are an organization and undergo change, budget constraints, personnel management, and other issues that are similar to civilian organizations. There is a lot we can all learn from each other.”

The Service-Learning and Leadership Development program at Benedict College encourages students to enhance their academic potential, personal leadership skills, and civic engagement by stimulating intellectual curiosity and self-confidence that will endure.  
.For additional information, please contact Mrs. Tondaleya G. Jackson at 705-4726.


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