A student can withdraw from a semester or be withdrawn in the following ways: officially, unofficially and administratively. The withdrawal forms are located in the Registrar's Office in Bacoats Hall.

Refunds Related to Withdrawals


Students who withdraw from the College during the first five weeks after classes have begun are eligible for partial adjustment (refund) of tuition as well as room and board charges. According to Federal guidelines, the College will make a partial or full return of Title IV funds for any student who withdraws prior to the 60% refund period. The amount of the refund is determined from the date the student withdraws and is calculated in accordance with the following scale:

1st or 2nd Week - 80%
3rd Week - 60%
4th Week - 40%
5th Week - 20%
6th Week or Later - No Refund

Fees are not refundable

No adjustments to charges will be made for any courses that are dropped by a student two weeks after classes begin during the fall and spring semesters, and three days after classes begin for summer sessions I & II. Students who withdraw unofficially, and return later to officially withdraw, will not be entitled to a refund.


Refunds of payments from Financial Aid sources are made in accordance with Student Assistance – General Provisions, Regulation 168.21 of Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. Payments made from Institutional Scholarships (Trustee, Presidential, Athletic, etc.) cannot be used as a credit refund. The credit balance is restored to the appropriate scholarship account.

The student is responsible for any unpaid account balance as a result of cancelled or adjusted financial aid awards.