As the central office for private foundation fundraising, The Foundation Relations Office is poised to assist faculty and staff in soliciting grant funds from private foundations for offsetting the cost of satisfying College needs.

There are several steps in the completing the private foundation proposal process.  The first order in the procedure begins with in-depth research to search out private foundations which potentially have a focus matching College needs.

Complete the Project Summary Guide (PDF) and submit it to the Foundation Relations staff.  The Project Summary Guide is a working document that captures all of the pertinent information regarding a proposed project.  Completing the Project Summary Guide will give the Foundation Relations staff insight on your project, needs, goals/objectives, and budgetary needs.

Secondly, to apply, the College must be certain that it meets specific foundation imposed qualifications.  Often a discovery call is made, but only if indicated that it is acceptable to the foundation.  Following these steps and after careful scrutiny of the foundation guidelines, the Letter of Intent (LOI) and/or proposal is drafted and submitted by an designated deadline. 

Note:  It may take up to 12 (twelve) months before a private foundation responds to any one request.