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LRCThe Learning Resources Center provides resources and services to its faculty, students, staff, and the community through a central facility located in the heart of the Benedict College campus and facing the main entrance. It consists of the Library, Multimedia Center and Archives.

The Learning Resources Center is named for Dr. Benjamin F. Payton, President of Benedict College from 1967-1972. It was completed and dedicated in 1974, replacing the old J.J. Starks Library built in 1937. It is constructed of solarium bronze glass. It consists of the Library, Multimedia Center and Archives. It is a multi-purpose tri-level modern architecturally designed facility of which the Library occupies the Plaza and Mezzanine levels (2nd and 3rd floors); the Archives, the Collection/Database Management Department (Acquisitions/Cataloging) and the Multimedia Center are located on the lower level (Court level or 1st floor).

  • The Library provides resources and services (see its mission) to its faculty, staff, students, and the surrounding community through a central facility located in the heart of the campus. It includes ERC (the Electronic Reference Center).
  • The Multimedia Center acquires, organizes and disseminates audiovisual materials that support the college curricula to maintain a well-rounded collection of a variety of AV materials and to assist the faculty and students in research. The audio-visual collection of the Center contains various types of media such as audiocassettes, videocassettes, audio discs, transparencies, slides, audiotapes, games, etc. (over 4,000 items).
  • The Collection Development functions (handled by the Acquisitions Department) are responsible for coordinating order requests, administering the Library's book budget, handling donations, and working with faculty and students to make certain the collections meet current research and instructional needs.
  • The Acquisitions Department is a purchasing operation that procures information in all formats, receives gifts, and performs bibliographic verification. Order requests (for library resources) are received by this department.
  • The Cataloging Department is a data management operation that includes creating and maintaining the bibliographic records for the library's catalog. This unit has responsibility for the integrity of the library's bibliographic files, which includes everything that goes into the catalog.


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