Career Services assists students and alumni with their career plans and provides information about vacancies in a wide variety of professional fields. The office coordinates the campus visits of repre­sentatives from industry, government, and graduate and professional schools. In addition, the office places students in internships, assists students in finding jobs, summer employment, cooperative edu­cation positions, and graduate school placements.Connect with us on Twitter

Responsibilities of Career Services are as follows:

ikon logoPLACEMENT

  1. Permanent Placements
  2. Co-Op Positions
  3. Part-Time Jobs
  4. Internships
  5. Summer Jobs
  6. Graduate School Assistance


  1. Individual and Group Career Counseling
  2. Seminars and Workshops on Career Development
  3. Career Information Libraries
  4. Resume Writing and Job Readiness Skills

All students, regardless of classification, and alumni are encouraged to capitalize on the services offered and to register with the Career Center.

Location: 1620 Oak Street, Columbia, SC 29204.

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